Armored skeletal zeta-reticulan minion 3D for print

 Armored skeletal zeta-reticulan minion  3d model for 3d printers

 Armored skeletal zeta-reticulan minion  3d model for 3d printers
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3d model description

Day 95: another Armored Skeletal Zeta-Reticulan Minion with ray-rifle.

This model is scaled for standard miniature gaming (compatible with Game...s Workshop, Reaper, CMON, Hero Forge, and other major ranges) and requires support. Sits well on a 20mm base. You can find all the designs in this series in this collection (which will be expanded as I add more). The regular version of the skeleton can be... challenging to print (and especially to process). If you find that it's too difficult, I've included a "big boned" version that should be easier to manage.

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3D file format: STL
Publication date: 2020/06/22 at 04:53


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