Bubbletape speeder 3D for print

 Bubbletape speeder  3d model for 3d printers

 Bubbletape speeder  3d model for 3d printers
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“This was one of the very first projects I mapped out when I got my first 3d printer back in 2012. At that point, I was still learning the limit...ations of the machine, and was mostly focusing on conversion parts for junk I had collected (junk-building being my thing before I got into 3D printing). Struggling with designs put this project on hold, and my containers of Bubbletape (in which I always saw this little devil) got recycled, but I thought it was high time I did this one, so I got some new ones. The only issue- I had to chew... a lot... of bubblegum. Anyway, now that I’m all out of that, this thing is here to kick some ass. All parts print without support and glue on to the gum container.

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3D file format: STL
Publication date: 2020/01/06 at 12:40


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