3 layer gift envelopes 3D for print

 3 layer gift envelopes  3d model for 3d printers

 3 layer gift envelopes  3d model for 3d printers
 3 layer gift envelopes  3d model for 3d printers 3 layer gift envelopes  3d model for 3d printers
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Wim V

3d model description

A printable 3-layer foldable gift/money/message/postcard/foto envelope.
Once printed, fold them around what you want to give and close with the print...ed lip.

I added 3 formats:
Size Envelope Size on printbed Weight Suitable for
75x53mm 102x102mm 7 gram Money Gift, Message on flowers etc.
100x70mm 136x136mm 12,3 gram Giftscards - In between size
155x111mm 210x210mm 28,9 gram Postcards, Foto's

Create stunning visuals using top fill patterns in the slicer and dual color PLA. (the top of the print becomes the outside of the envelope)

Note: to print properly, on the 2nd and 3rd layer the folding areas (created by bridging) must follow a fixed direction! Normaly the slicer would do this correct because of the bridging, but you can also look at the attached screenshots of the slicer if it is done the right way.

Because it is only a 3 layer print (excl. the lip), make sure you have good bed leveling and good bonding between layers.

Print in PLA, nozzle 0.4mm and layer height 0.2
Do not scale or use other layer thicknesses, otherwise the fold lines will not work properly.

Used infills and PLA:

Purple (small) envelope: Octagram Spiral with Blue - Red magic PLA

Green (middle) envelope: Archimedian Chords with Green - Blue Chameleon PLA

Gold (big) envelope: Concentric with Silver - Gold magic PLA


When folding for the 1st time, bend the parts to be folded back and forth several times to make them move smoothly. (Do it carefully, and bend only the fold line, after all it's only 3 layers..)
Now you can add something and close the envelope by hooking the cover with hole over the button..
Special Thanks

Special thanks to Dave Antonacci to challenge me after seeing my Postal Xmas Kitcard asking:
"where's the 3D-printed envelope? The postal service might not accept one, but it would be nice for "wrapping" small flat gifts, like pictures or gift cards."


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