Pocket-tactics: beheader 3D for print

 Pocket-tactics: beheader  3d model for 3d printers

 Pocket-tactics: beheader  3d model for 3d printers
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3d model description

This Pocket-Tactics unit can be used as reinforcements for the Tribes of the Dark Forest faction (or in custom builds) and is for the new version ...of the game currently on Kickstarter, which has a couple of days left to go! The model is scaled for 15mm miniature gaming, and prints without support.

This new version wipes the slate in regard to previous editions (1-5), all of which are still available here on Thingiverse (and fully playable as they are). The full miniatures-based game will be commercially available after the Kickstarter wraps, but you can use this piece with the free version available here, and a meeple version is included, as well as a based and non-based version in standard/30mm scale. (Depending on your printer/settings, these versions may benefit from support, as the original was designed for 15mm scale.)

For those of you thinking about supporting us on Patreon, our patrons get special weekly model releases, access to new storefront releases and our entire back catalog, plus licensing options to sell printed versions of our designs.

3D file format: PDF and STL
Publication date: 2020/09/17 at 11:55


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