Pokemon chess 3D for print

 Pokemon chess  3d model for 3d printers

 Pokemon chess  3d model for 3d printers
 Pokemon chess  3d model for 3d printers Pokemon chess  3d model for 3d printers Pokemon chess  3d model for 3d printers
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3d model description

Complete Pokemon Chess Set weights (including supports, but not including raft)
King 1: Mew - 10.79g
King 2: Mewtwo - 11.54g
Queen: Pikachu - 11.32...g
Bishop: Bulbasaur - 9.37g
Knight: Charmander - 8.74g
Rook: Squirtle - 10.12g
Pawn: Pokeball - 5.63g

I created this chess set as a gift to my friend using Tinkercad. All pieces were made as close to regulation size as possible while still maintaining the appeal of the Pokemon figures placed on top. Sizes of pieces range from around 40mm (Pawn) to roughly 72mm (king 2)

3d model print parameters

Printer brand:

MakerBot Replicator




How I Designed This

The entire design was done through the Tinkercad online 3D design program, and comprised of multiple files pulled off of Thingiverse. In order to create the prints, I downloaded the design for pre-made 3D chess pieces. The chess pieces were then adjusted so that each piece would have a flat top to act as the base for the Pokemon. Each piece was also scaled down so that even after placing the Pokemon on top, they would still be near regulation sizes. Individual Pokemon designs were then downloaded and placed at the top of the pieces after being scaled down. Minor changes were then made, such as putting a notch in Bulbasaur's bulb, or placing a sword in Charmander's hands. Pokeball Pawns were made by simply taking a regular chess pawn and editing to sphere on top to resemble a Pokeball.

Quantity and color of each piece Mew King - ------------Black (0) - White (1) Mewtwo King --------- Black (1) - White (0) Pikachu Queen ------ Black (1) - White (1) Bulbasaur Bishop --- Black (2) - White (2) Charmander Knight - Black (2) - White (2) Squirtle Rook - --------Black (2) - White (2) Pokeball Pawn ------- Black (8) - White (8) More complicate pieces (Mew and Mewtwo King) should be printed with better resolution (0.1) to look better I have found that other pieces (Bulbasaur Bishop) commonly misprints at better resolutions, and so is better printed at a lower resolution (0.2 or 0.3)


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