Convert 2d images to 3d STL files

Tool to generate STL geometry files from 2D images

Online utility to convert png or jpg formats to stl

Easily convert your design or 2d photography to stl format, editable with multiple free programs or directly with a 3d printing software to give it the finish that you need.

If you want to customize any of our designs, send us the information necessary through the page 3D models on demand and we add it for free.

Responsive image
The max_width, max_height, and max_depth values are measurements (in mm) used to scale the final output to the largest size that can fit onto your 3D printer platform.
Smoothing efect value
Scales the height (surface) of the resulting STL mesh. Tune to match needs
Any element of the inputted array that is less than this value will not be included in the mesh. default renders all vertices (x > -inf for all float x)
Compose RGBA channels to give depth
Convert another image Download STL